Updating pkg config

16-Oct-2016 06:30

By doing this when a new computer gets built or when you deploy Configuration Manager Client to a computer, you will receive updated Configuration Manager client.

Step 01 – Download and apply latest cumulative update for Configuration Manager if you haven’t done that already Step 02 – Navigate to your Configuration Manager Client Package For x86 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\i386 For x64 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\x64 Step 03 – Create a folder named “Client Patch” under x86 client folder and also under x64 client folder.

I want to use the Haskell ffmpeg library under windows so I tried to install it via cabal.

After downloading and extracting ffmpeg shared (64bit) version to C:\FFmpeg cabal complained that pkg-config ...

If you have modified or customized some of the components, create a backup before you continue, and accept all procedures described in this tutorial at your own risk.

Note: Please remember that this tutorial uses a fresh Free BSD 10.2 server to guide you through all the steps for upgrading the Free BSD base system to version 10.3-RELEASE-p4.

Issue: 431 There is currently no easy way to update all packages within a solution.

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Another source of software for the dd-wrt is here ipkg.nslu2-linux.org, most of the files in this directory works fine on DD-WRT.When using the –Safe flag, packages are only upgraded to the latest “build” (when describing a version as Major. Result (Installed): A slight variant of the previous case, in this case we already have log4net 1.1 installed, and as in the previous case, this cannot be upgraded to log4net 1.2.

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