Updating netboot image Phuket cam girl free fuck

25-May-2016 21:24

Rather than redo the work on the netboot, I figured I would just use the 10.9.1 build that i used to create the NBI, run the combo update, and re-run it through SIU.

That completes as expected, however when I try to netboot a machine I just get a Circle with a line through it.

Here is my blog post Keep getting no-entry signs booting from a net boot image made on a mac that boots fine from the same image when its on a HDD ? 10.9.x ones are 35MB so won’t TFTP to the older macs.There are three different types of Net Boot images: The first, called Net Boot, boots a Mac to an entirely server-hosted disk image where you can run apps and use the Mac pretty much as you normally would, though all user-created data is wiped out when the Mac is restarted.Net Install can be used to make copies of OS X install media that are bootable from the network instead of discs or USB drives.Bob :) Mac minis shipped with Lion have a special 10.7.0 build.

So, a standard 10.7.0 netboot set won't support that minis, but a netboot set based on the mini specific Lion build might support other hardware.

When you install the DSS package, it tries to find DSS netboot sets on the local disks in order to update the DSS binaries.