Rejection in dating

07-Mar-2016 00:14

'Explore' means trying to understand why the rejection occurred. Many times, you don't have much to go on - just a 'Not interested'.

People who reject you rarely give a lot of reasons or facts to help you figure out why they acted as they did. Sometimes it's possible to do everything right, but do it in the wrong way.

He has a soul and unique purpose on this earth that only he can fulfill.

Thank God, there are plenty of phenomenally wonderful people in the world.

For those of us who have been involved in the dating scene for a while, the concept of rejection is not a new one.

As we turn to our kitchens to eat our feelings, we begin to wonder, Is there something wrong with me? Many people will pin the other guy (or girl) as a jerk, undeserving, or immature.

Is it my fault that my parents don’t have an education? It’s a way that affords one the opportunity to move on while still believing in the goodness and quality of the other person.

The last words the father of the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of the Chassidic movement) said to him before his passing were: “Fear nothing but God alone.

Love every single Jew, without exception, with the full depth of your heart and with the fire of your soul, no matter who he is or how he behaves.” Every single person is in possession of a spark of G-d and is entitled to my respect.

They don't want to feel they are 'just another guy'.

There is one special case that men, in particular, will often see as 'rejection' where they should not: when they receive no response at all.

When battling rejection, how can you withstand the constant blows to your ego and still come out a champion? Keep some Perspective Remember, in this world where people must constantly fight against disease, wildfires, and droughts, your dating issues are not the biggest problem humanity has ever had to conquer.