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But that doesn’t matter in K-pop, she added, because “everything can be touched up.” During a May 2014 Reddit AMA, when asked if she liked K-pop, Wolfgang replied, “I hate it.

No one is an actual artist.” She also pointed out that songs, dance routines and clothes are handed to performers who have “little to no artistic input,” and that fans favor certain groups because of their look, “not because they are talented.” But in the Plasticine world of K-pop, looks are just as manufactured as talent: Before their formal debut, both male and female artists are often forced to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Fresh-faced ingénues can decline, but unless they work for YG Entertainment — which forbids its girl groups from going under the knife — opting out of surgery is tantamount to opting out of the industry.

As Patricia Marx of the New Yorker puts it, Korean pop culture “shapes not only what music you should listen to but what you should look like while listening to it,” adding that nose jobs and double-eyelid surgeries are now common high school graduation presents in Korea.

I hesitate to use “celebrity” and “news” in the same sentence. I’m going to ask this question slowly and seriously: did she get a nose job?

But as my social media feeds slowly become inundated with stories and snapshots of things I never asked to see in the first place, I can’t help but feel bewildered about a few things that make the entirety of reality feel like it’s unraveling. “THE INTERVIEW” GOT SCRAPPED And it won’t be released ’cause Un’s acting like a third grader. He threw a tantrum about being poked fun at, hired some hackers to invade Sony, and now I don’t get to see the only movie I was looking forward to seeing since “Dark Knight”. I ask this with zero passive aggressive judgment because – I want to hack her files if she did and find out exactly who her surgeon was and starve saving money till I can afford a Klum sniffer too. Time for me to hire the Dear Leader’s hack team to help me hunt down her surgery and Sephora beauty elves.

But the rise of rock left him depressed, feeling archaic and irrelevant. At that moment he was one of America's hottest, most versatile young singer-entertainers.

With dizzying speed he'd transitioned from hit rocker ("Splish Splash" and "Dream Lover") to swinging, Sinatra-like style crooner ("Mack The Knife" and "Beyond The Sea"). He wasn't just a dedicated Mercer fan but a student of vintage American pop dating back to vaudeville.

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Thus, I’m just as open to next best thing: the optical illusion make up provides.

Steve Blauner, Darin's manager and a longtime Mercer fan, approached the veteran about doing an album.

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