Laws accomodating pregnancy in the workplace

22-Jan-2016 03:33

Most states have some laws that protect smokers from discrimination.However, due to the health hazards related to smoking, smokers are not completely protected in the same way that non-smokers are."Undue Hardship" Under the ADA "Undue hardship" under the ADA means "significant difficulty or expense" for the employer.

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This fact sheet provides information about reasonable accommodations under Title I.

Your employer does not have to provide the exact accommodation you are requesting, but must have meaningful discussions with you about what will work and what is reasonable.

Employers must make reasonable efforts to determine the appropriate accommodation for you, by consulting with you and giving primary consideration to your preference.

Instead, the law provides an exception if accommodation would cause "undue hardship" to the employer's business.

The ADA therefore strikes a balance -- between the accommodations an employee needs or desires in order to meet the requirements of a certain job, and the investment and modifications an employer must make in order to accomplish those accommodations.By requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations, the ADA has had a positive effect on the placement of disabled individuals in the workforce, and has raised the consciousness of U. employers while reducing discrimination against the disabled.

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