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the assumption that the Lower Allochthon represents Adria and that the “root” of the Vardar-derived thrust sheets is at the NE boundary of the Rhodopes.

ABSTRACT: The Fanos granite occurs in the Peonias subzone of the eastern Axios-Vardar zone in northern Greece.

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The metamorphosed thrust stack of the Rhodopes comprises a level with ophiolites (Middle Allochthon) under- and overlain by continent-derived allochthons.

The Upper Allochthon represents the European margin but the origin of the Lower Allochthon remains controversial, with suggestions that it may be derived from an inferred microcontinent (Drama) or from the margin of Adria.

BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit, Costa Rica, 9–11 September 2013.

issue_key=S1054-139X(12)X0007-7, accessed 6 February 2014).

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Trace element compositions and Sr and Nd isotope ratios of metagabbroic amphibolites and enclosed meta-plagiogranites from the Satovcha Ophiolite, Middle Allochthon, show that they are cogenetic and represent supra-subduction-zone ophiolites.

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U-Pb dating using LA-SF-ICP-MS of zircons from two meta-plagiogranites and a metagabbro yielded identical Jurassic ages (160 ± 1 Ma, 160.6 ± 1.8 Ma, and 160 ± 1 Ma, respectively), similar to ophiolites in the eastern Vardar Zone bordering the Rhodopes to the SW.Je pratique essentiellement la magie blanche (pour l’envoutement et le desenvoutement), je ne pratique pas la magie noire car je n’irai jamais vers les énergies négatives, je me bats d’ailleurs depuis longtemps contre cela.

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