Dating car registration numbers

21-Jan-2016 03:01

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The numbering scheme used bears no relation to the place of a vehicle's registration or ownership, and numbers – which are issued in strict time order – identify the vehicle, not its owner.

Thus, if a vehicle changes ownership, the registration number remains unchanged.

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Also, Chassis number plates have been known to be “faked” to turn a less valuable car into a more valuable one; e.g., a standard Saloon into a Cooper or Cooper S.

The general format for these early cars is: A-A2S7L-###A First position (“A” in the above example): A = Austin (other than Cooper and S) C = Austin Cooper or Austin Cooper S K = Morris Cooper or Cooper S M =Morris R = Riley W = Wolseley Second position (also “A” in the above example): = A series engine.

This series is currently issued for motorcycles (99-MX-XX).You are welcome to try and use different features whilst playing with the tool to create a coloured border, legal badge or different legal font type.

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