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21-Dec-2016 09:24

Anheuser-Busch has said that Rolling Rock's original pledge on the label will be preceded by these words: "To honor the tradition of this great brand, we quote from the original pledge of quality." In July 2008, In Bev reached a deal to acquire Anheuser-Busch, thereby returning ownership of Rolling Rock to In Bev, now known as Anheuser–Busch In Bev and based in Belgium. This is incorrect: the term pony in "pony of beer" has been used in the United States of America since the 19th century, similar words include pony glass and pony keg. Though it did not originate the term, the popularity of Rolling Rock doubtless reinforced it: one could refer to a regular (12 oz.) or small (7 oz.) of the beer as a "horse" or "pony" respectively.

Indeed, advertising for Rolling Rock from the 1950s uses the term "pony bottle" generically, stating "... It also likely lead to the standardization on a 7 oz. pony bottles in the early 1970s, of which the most prominent is Miller High Life (pony introduced 1972).

While embossing and labeling were a common practice in the rest of the wold for a number of centuries, American bottle manufacturers did not adopt the inscription process until 1869.

These inscriptions included information about the contents, manufacturer, distributor, slogans, or other messages advertising the product.

The final batch of Rolling Rock was shipped from Latrobe on July 31, 2006.

Union leaders in Westmoreland County organized a nationwide boycott of Anheuser-Busch and In Bev brands because of the move. fl oz (207 ml) pony bottle has been very popular, so much so that this has given rise to the folk etymology that "pony" is from the Rolling Rock horse logo.

The closure used on a bottle can say something about a bottle's age.

This plate created a sunken area and has resulted in these bottles being special value to collectors.Initially, a string or wire was used to secure the cork to the bottle. Some bottlers still used corks into the Twentieth Century, usually on export shaped bottles. Example shows string used to retain a cork in the bottle.

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