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30-Oct-2016 01:28

The usual themes of bachata, also referred to as the Dominican blues, are heartbreak, sadness over heartbreak, pain over heartbreak, and you guessed it…breaking hearts.Singers such as Luis Vargas and Antony Santos made the genre a viable force in Latin music, while acts like Aventura and Prince Royce have taken it to new heights. You SHOES DO NOT SUFFICE LET ME THROW MY PANTIES AT YOU You’re slightly (pleasantly) surprised at how the ones that don’t even look super buff are actually nicely cut. No wonder we take so many photos on these rare, glamorous occasions! which makes you worry about how this will affect the dynamic of your relationship as teammates/friends. #worthit Dance has a way of bringing the things out of people. Their bodies are speaking to you like UGHHh HHUh UHUH WHO ARE YOU?!??!

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Merengue is the national music and dance of the Dominican Republic and has become a word and worldwide genre that is synonymous with the country itself.Take for example, the moment when two characters are dining at a restaurant.

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